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Phuket Street Food

13 June 2016

Where to find the best places for delicious dishes in Phuket Street Food

Best Places for Phuket Street Food

One of the things we love most about Thailand is the food. There is no better way to try local food than from the street vendors. We’ve already told you what to try in Koh Samui and where to try it. Now it’s time to share the best places to find street food in Phuket. We’ll also share some of the delicious dishes you can try.

Phuket cuisine has many influences from across the world, as well as other parts of Thailand. You’ll find Hokkien noodles from China, and roti and curries that have both an Indian and Malaysian Muslim influence. In the main tourist areas you’ll also find a western influence, but wander a little further off the beaten track and you’ll find some delicious authentic treats.

Phuket Town Street Food

You’ll find street food across the board, but locals claim the best is to be found in Phuket Town. Markets

You’ll find the markets here are an explosion of colour and delicious food where you can sample everything including noodles, seafood on ice, beautifully fresh fruit like papaya, green mangoes and lime. The rice parcels wrapped in banana leaf are perfectly presented and delicious with one of the local curries. You’ll also find sweet treats galore, if you still have room.

Phuket Beaches

Whichever beach in Phuket you are at you should find vendors ready to sell their delicious goods to you.

Roadside Vendors

As well as at the beachfront and markets you’ll also see plenty of roadside vendors selling an incredible range of food from fresh fish to spicy salads and fresh fruit. It’s best to choose a spot that seems popular with locals.

Check if the cooking area and its surrounds look clean. You need to be careful of drinking local water, so take care with fruit that may have been washed in it. You may wish to rewash with bottled water or choose fruit that can be peeled. Avoid food that has been laying out uncovered or hot food that has been uncovered for some time.

Some of our favourite Phuket street food hotspots

Phuket Town ­

Phuket Weekend Market or Naka Market is located just outside Phuket Town not far from the Central Festival. There are a whole host of things for sale here including live animals, but also a dizzying array of local food to sample. Things tend to get going around 4pm. This is really popular with tourists and it’s huge. You can eat taro buns, banana pancakes, fish cakes and Pa Tong Go, small fried pieces of dough, a bit like doughnuts.

In Phuket Town you’ll also find the Lard Yai Sunday Walking Street Market, which is a lively and interesting market to explore full of street performers and it offers delicious tasty treats, waffles, hot dogs, pork skewers, wanton noodles and coconut ice cream.

You could also take a trip to discover Lock Tien, an indoor food court with around 10 vendors that can bring food to your table, with delicious curries and noodle dishes on offer.

Phuket - Kata

At Kata Beach you’ll find both fixed and mobile stalls selling a noodles and delicious Som Tum (papaya salad) and Barbecue Chicken (Gai Yang), mouthwatering pancakes and fruit in almost every colour of the rainbow cut and ready to eat. Kata Fresh Market is definitely worth a visit. It’s opposite the Chaba resort on Kata road and is an explosion of colours and scents. You’ll find lots of tasty treats including crab, duck, fried chicken and lots of fresh produce including huge pineapples and coconuts.

Phuket - Karon

If you are staying in Karon beach take a trip to the Karon temple market where you’ll find a delicious range of fresh produce, curries and snacks.

Phuket - Kamala Beach Market

The night market at Kamala sells delicious fried and grilled fish, mouthwatering satay and lots of other delicacies on sticks. Beautiful banana pancakes, sushi and lots of salads, curries and noodle dishes wrapped up in bags and ready to go. It’s situated opposite the Fantasea entertainment complex.

Phuket - Kathu

This is situated between Patong and Phuket town, there is a large market here open every day and it’s mostly popular with locals, you’ll find here pancakes, fresh vegetables with super spicy chilli dips and freshly made curries.

Phuket - Kalim

At Kalim beach you will find herb stuffed grilled fish and tender pork chops from the street vendors.

What street food to try?

The Street Food Dishes

There are too many mouthwatering dishes to mention, but here are some of the favourites we have found in Phuket:

Som Tam

From the Issan region in the northeast of Thailand. It’s a fiery little papaya salad with sweet and sour flavours. It’s mainly a blend of green papaya with yardlong, chilli, lime, fish sauce and palm sugar.

Moo Ping

marinated grilled pork on a skewer, usually served with sticky rice. The marinade contains fish sauce, palm sugar, garlic and coconut milk.

Crispy Bue Tor

Deep­fried snacks of local grass with shrimp.

Mee Hokkien

Stir fried Hokkien noodles

Mee Leung Pad Hokkien

Yellow noodles with an egg on top

Siew boi

Dim sum Phuket style

Por Pia

Spring rolls served with a sweet brown sauce and stuffed with lettuce turnip and usually pork or shrimp.

Pak Mieng

Scrambled eggs and green leaf

Por Phee

Delicious rolls almost like spring rolls, but the outer is like a vietnamese style pancake that isn’t fried. They are usually purely vegetarian and contain carrots, cucumber, nuts and come with chilli and/or peanut dips.

Kanom Jeen Phuket

A fermented rice noodle served with a curry of your choice.

Khanom ahpong

A very thin crepe like sweet dessert

Tao Sor

Small cakes stuffed with a choice of ingredients.


A jelly style dessert with banana

Stir Fried ice cream

Milk is poured into the pan where it is stirred and frozen. You can add a choice of flavouring like green tea and then add nuts and chocolate. The end results is a delightful frozen cone.

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