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If you are heading to Koh Phangan for a beach break, Thong Nai Pan located on the north east coast is an excellent choice.
Access to Thong Nai Pan has now improved in the last year, from a steep unmade dirt track to a concrete road and the location is proving to be even more popular with travellers. Our Thong Nai Pan villas offer stunning views and a relaxing holiday.

Map of villas in Thong Nai Pan

If you are heading to Koh Phangan for a beach break, Thong Nai Pan located on the north east coast is an excellent choice.
Access to Thong Nai Pan has now improved in the last year, from a steep unmade dirt track to a concrete road and the location is proving to be even more popular with the travellers. The other option is by boat, taken from Haad Rin or Chaloklum.

The proposed new airport, although bringing passengers on a small scale to Koh Phangan is to be located close to Thong Nai Pan

Thong Nai Pan is made up of twin coves namely Thong Nai Pan Noi and Thong Nai Pan Yai, that create a scenic double bay and are the image of paradise with the soft white sand flanked by tropical rain forest.

Whilst there is generally a very laid back vibe, with countless beach bars and restaurants in the area, there is evidence that the more upmarket hotels may be setting up. Hopefully the bohemian atmosphere will not be lost.

There is no coral reef on the east coast of the island, and therefore it is possible to swim at both beaches all year round.

Thong Nai Pan Noi is the most popular and best beach, it has the deepest bay and a small village with some cool bars and restaurants.

Thong Nai Pan Yai however is the longer of the two beaches, but the resorts are more spaced out and it has no village. As a result and as we write this - it is quieter than its counterpart.

Thong Nai Pan Beaches

Thong Nai Pan

Thong Nai Pan Noi and Thong Nai Pan Yai - These are twin coves that form a scenic double bay and privy to stunning sunrises on the east coast of Koh Phangan. With stunning white sand bays surrounded by mountains, both beaches are excellent for swimming and are the epitome of paradise. These beaches can be accessed by sea with boat trips from Chalaklum and Haad Rin.

There are plenty of places to unwind and plenty of things to do in Thong Nai Pan. If you are feeling active hit the beaches and try surfing, kayaking and diving. Try your hand at some authentic Thai dishes at the local cookery school or if you simply need to rejuventate try some yoga and wellbeing treatments.

Diving and Snorkelling
Although the beaches are great for swimming there is little to see in the way of marine life and therefore do not offer any diving or snorkelling opportunities. There are however 3 dive schools in Thong Nai Pan which offer dive trips to other parts of the island.

Body Surfing
From September to January there is often a bit of swell in the bay. There are no 'breaks', but you can get a wave to push you along on a body board or kayak.

There are operators available who offer fishing trips and if you wanted to stay local, you may be able to catch a fish by throwing a line off the rocks at the end of the beaches.

For experienced kayakers there are several places to rent kayaks and explore beyond the bay to the neighbouring beaches and small coves.

Hiking and Rock Climbing
The mountainous terrain provides some excellent hikes and walks, including a scenic waterfall trail and endless tropical rainforest to explore. Beyond Thong Nai Pan Yai there is also a decent set of rocks for experienced climbers. This side of the island is still pretty wild and the surrounding jungle is a haven for many exotic tropical creatures. For those keen to really go off the beaten track, there are the three mountains that surround Thong Nai Pan to explore - Khao Ban Fai Mai, Khao Ra and Khao Let Mai Kheo.

There are a number of options. There is the Wellness gym in Yai and a few of the larger hotels in Noi all have fitness equipment.

Thai Cooking Classes
It is easy to find signs for Thai cooking classes in both Thong Nai Pan Noi and Yai. Bamboo and Again and Again offer Thai cooking classes in Noi. It costs about 500 Thai Baht to learn to 2 dishes, and takes a couple of hours.

Spa and wellbeing
Thong Nai Pan is a great place to get pampered and to try rejuvenation. There are lots of places offering Thai massage on both beaches. Although the big hotels offer a full range of spa and beauty treatments, the common consensus is that Tanaporn Massage House is better and cheaper.

The Yoga Studio is located in the forest on the road to Thong Nai Pan Yai. It is a tranquil setting ideal for yoga.

Watersports and Sea Tours

Sight Seeing Boat Trips

The stunning 42 islands of the Angthong Marine Park and the surrounding seas are home to an abundance of tropical marine life and not to be missed. A must visit is a trip to Khao Tao famous for it’s crystal clear waters full of colourful tropical fish and a divers paradise.


Most beaches on Koh Phangan have kayaks to rent by the hour and are great for exploring the coastline.

Diving and Snorkeling Trips

Snorkelling is possible almost anywhere on Koh Phangan. The reefs from Chaloklum Bay on the north west coast are in great condition, it’s even possible to dive directly from the beach.

Deep Sea Fishing Trips

Fishing trips can usually be organised with many of the island’s resorts or tour companies and often are brief long tail boat trips out to a few local spots with a hand line. There are also plenty of operations with quality rods and equipment.


The KBA centre on Koh Phangnan is located at Baan Tai and teach at the most suitable beaches throughout the year to be in the best area for wind conditions. During low tides, KBA can provide land boarding by kite such as kite skating and buggy courses.

Sailing Charters

Koh Phangan's waters are ideal for learning or an exhilarating ride for the experienced sailor. There are many international standard companies offering sailing trips and tuition.


A well established wakeboarding company provides wakeboarding lessons or board rentals on the north coast of Koh Phangan in the fishing village of Chaloklum an has receved great reviews.

Other Activities

Mountain Biking

Bicycles can be hired throughout Koh Phangan, the quality of such bikes does vary but there are many in very reasonable condition. The best areas to leisurely cycle are in the south and west coast with sights to see such as the Phaeng Waterfall, the Jade Buddha and Laem Son Lake.


Perfect for trekking and camping, many parts of Koh Phangan remain untouched. There some fun treks along the coastline linking up peaceful coves and beaches, or in the jungle interior and Phaeng Waterfall National Park.

Muay Thai Boxing

There are three small stadiums in Thongsala - you’ll easily be able to watch this popular sport during your stay.

Canopy Adventure

Zip through the trees gliding along ziplines and at walk on sky bridges 22m up in the trees.

Temple Visits

Koh Phangan has a long heritage as a visiting place for Thai royalty. There are many beautiful temples to discover and numerous spots of simply outstanding natural beauty.

Thai Cookery School

A cookery school overlooking Haad Salad has 1/2 day cooking classes which involves shopping in the local market for the ingredients, providing an insight into the ingredients used and the actual cooking with your own wok and work station.


Eating out in Thong Nai Pan

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Thong Nai Pan Noi, although the beachfront establishments have shrunk to just 5 due to the Rasananda having taken up most of the beach.

Four of those are at the higher end of dining -

The Bistro@the Beach (Rasananda)
The Beach Club (Buri Rasa)
Chantara Restaurant (Santhiya)
Stone Beach Restaurant (Panviman)

However the most popular place to eat on the beach is the Tapan Noi restaurant. Offering a large selection of Thai curries and soups as well as Western standards fayre such as burgers and American fried rice.

Most evenings during the high seasons they have a BBQ offering locally caught fish and steaks. Next door to Tapan Noi restaurant is the I Sea Bar. It is a small bar with seating around the bar as well as on the beach. It is a great spot for a night cap as well as an afternoon cold beer.

In Thong Nai Pan Yai, the Panivan resort that takes up most of the headland between the two beaches have opened a restaurant on Yai just below the headland.

Ash is part of the Havana Resort and probably the longest running place on the beach, although serving predominantly Indian food, they also serve up Thai and BBQ dishes.

For those who are looking for a good curry and a cheap beer try Pens Bungalows and those for seeking a great spot to have a drink, try Fidels Bar and Yai Bar. Both have a good selection of draught and bottled beers as well as cocktails and wine.


Thong Nai Pan Nightlife

The night life scene has moved in recent years from Noi to Yai. Thong Nai Pan has a few all night parties a month, but it is not a center for techno and trance festivals like Haad Rin and Bantai.

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