Chalong - Phuket - Thailand

Chalong - Phuket - Thailand

Chalong Bay is rigidly associated with all things nautical. The muddy shoreline makes it unsuitable for recreational swimming but the Ao Chalong Yacht Club makes its base here. Many depart from Chalong Pier to visit beautiful Phang Nga Bay, island hop or go on diving and snorkelling excursions. The area also hosts activities such as golf, go-karting, climbing, shooting and paintball. Our Chalong villas are a perfect choice to enjoy this lovely location.

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General Information

Chalong Highlights

Chalong is located in the southern east coast of Phuket and its sheltered bay is a popular spot for yachts to drop anchor, they are welcomed by the two beachfront yacht clubs.

A one stop shop of Immigration, Customs and Harbour has been established in an office on Chalong Pier where all visiting yachts to Phuket now have to check in and register on arrival. There is also a commercial port for a re-supply to the small islands to the south. Chalong is the main departure point for many of the boat trips to the islands of Phang Nga bay and the diving and fishing tours to the various island locations closer to the Phuket mainland.

There are twin jetties serving the various boats with the smaller one for long tail boats and the larger and longer 800m pier for the speedboats and larger tour boats. This is served by a shuttle bus service. There is a scene of much activity in the morning and evening as the tours depart and return.

The town itself is behind the bay - it is busy and has a couple of shopping malls and supermarkets which supply everything you need for every day living without having to venture outside the area. Many expat foreigners from Europe choosing Phuket to live or to spend the winter months have chosen this area to make their home, rather than the more expensive tourist areas of the west coast further north.


Chalong Beach
The main Chalong beach by the pier is mainly taken up with boats and commercial activity,  the sand is yellow and grittier and tides cover any beach completely at high tide.

Friendship Beach
This beach is a continuation of Chalong beach in the bay,it is further south away from the pier and apart from walking along to it at low tide is only accessible through the hotel resorts that it borders. The tides are very low and the wide expanse of sand to the sea is a few hundred meters away. There is little beach left when the tide is high.

Spa and Wellbeing

Spa 42
Chalong's main destination for relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether for massage, reflexology, or beauty treatments, Spa 42 offers a great place to spend an hour or the whole day

The Atmanjai Wellness Spa & Detox Center
Located within the Friendship Beach Resort resort compound, Atmanjai is an internationally known healing and detox center hosting clients from all over the world.  Guests can choose from a variety of different spa treatments. Atmanjai also offers full intensive detox, cleansing and healing programmes that feature some of Phuket's premier therapists and health practitioners.

Chalong Beaches

Nai Harn Beach

This quieter beach than the other west coast beaches is in a protected bay and popular with locals and expats with a number of shops and restaurants near the shoreline. During the high season the water is extremely calm and Nai Harn is a popular anchorage for yachts at this time of year.

Rawai Beach

This beach located in the south of the island is not your usual beach destination as it is not a swimming beach having been previously a bustling fishing village and is now favoured by the locals ex pats for it's picturesque setting overlooking nearby islands. One side of the bay is taken up as an anchorage for dozens of long tail boats and speedboats and is a great place to enjoy seafood.


Dining Out in Chalong

Chalong has just about every type of restaurant. Delicious and cheap local Thai food is available as well as Italian, Mexican, Burgers, Indian, fish and chips, MK hot pot and Kentuky Fried Chicken. More importantly the area features some of the very best Thai Seafood waterfront restaurants.

Due to the large foreign expat community the restaurants here live off these regular customers and the prices in the Chalong restaurants are reasonable with the owners wishing to protect their reputation with both Thai's and the expats. Tourist visiting from the more popular west coast towns experience a higher standard of cuisine at lower prices and a different face of the island of Phuket.

Kan Eang@Pier
A restaurant favoured by local Thai and visitors for more than 30 years, serving fresh seafood, Thai specialities, BBQ and select Japanese dishes.

VSET, which in Thai means 'extraordinary', to be a place of superlative food, in addition it has quaint décor and a warm atmosphere.

O2 Beach Club
The East coast's only beachclub has a restaurant serving International and Thai food, bar, swimming pool, volleyball court and a kiddies play area.

The Green Man Pub & Restaurant
A family style restaurant and pub.The kitchen serves breakfast, lunch and dinner items. International, Thai food and of course pub food are available - something for everyone's liking. The venue has a wine cellar and cigar room for the adults and a playground for the children.


Chalong Nightlife

Chalong Bay features a sizzling nightlife with its several English style pubs. The bars in Chalong rarely stray from the ubiquitous combination of bar stools, darts board and/or pool table, fairy lights and bar hostesses. They are mostly frequented by local expats. At night the road that leads to the pier lights up with local bars, cafes and restaurants.

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