Lipa Noi

Lipa Noi - Koh Samui - Thailand

Lipa Noi - Koh Samui - Thailand

Lipa Noi is on the west coast located just 5km south of Nathon, the commercial capital and ferryport of Koh Samui. Generally it is a quiet rural area with waterfalls and coconut plantations in the hills that tumble down to the sunset facing beaches. Our Lipa Noi villas are some of the most luxurious on Koh Samui.

The nearby working town of Nathon is full of tourist shops and the usual amenities of a town such as banks, pharmacies and convenient stores. Tourist shopping in Nathon is the best value on Koh Samui.shops only open during the day.

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Lipa Noi is on the west coast located just 5km south of Nathon the commercial capital and ferryport of Koh Samui. Generally it is a quiet rural area full of coconut plantations, mountains with waterfalls all the way down to the beach, where the palms provide the green and natural border on the edge of the sands.

There are houses scattered in between the palms, mostly hidden from sight as there is no village or community here. The main town of Nathon is so close the residents have everything they need.

There is a good straight road direct to Lipa Noi beach from the main Koh Samui ring road, but as an experience an alternative way to travel is via the back road parallel to the coast that you can take from the area near Nathon hospital. Here you will travel through the temple grounds and past the The Dusit Dhewa Samui Cultural Centre, both of which it is worth spending time around.

One of the ferry piers for boats to the mainland is located at the southern most point of Tong Yang bay and this area is a good place for a stop over, before taking the ferry or having just arrived.

The great attraction of Lipa Noi for many is that it is off the beaten track and has peace and tranquility in this laid back location. Yet it is just be 5 - 10 minutes away from a shop, café or restaurant if needed. There are also quite a few rustic Thai style restaurants on the beach.


There are two beaches set within Tong Yang Bay. These beaches are located on either side of a peninsula where a naval base is established.

Lipa Noi Beach
The 3 km Lipa Noi beach at the northern end is not quite as sleepy as the southern beach and as it does not have an offshore coral reef, swimming is good almost all year round.

Although narrow at times it is also a good beach for walking/jogging, with very few people around even in high season. The beach has soft golden sand and clear water, especially at the centre of the bay. It is ideal for families with the shade of the palm trees. Local families usually appear on the beach during the late afternoon/early evening when it is cooler.

The beach has several bungalow resorts, boutique hotels and luxury beachfront villas spread out along the bay and now and then the beach wakes up with events held at the world renowned Nikki Beach Club at the far northern end of the beach.

Tong Yang Beach
This is the beach on to the south of the peninsula, as the ferry pier is located at one end of the beach and is known as the "Lipa Noi Ferry" the beach here has also taken the name Lipa Noi beach, which is confusing to some. The other ferry at Nathon is known as the "Nathon Ferry".

This particular part of the beach does have an offshore reef and swimming is limited at certain times of the year.

Tong Yang beach is also home to some of our finest Koh Samui fully staffed luxury beachfront villas, large enough for extended families and groups of friends where some never venture out from what is considered their own private hotel.

Just a few yards from the beach with in a small development 2 and 3 bedroom villas with private pools offer great value for familes looking for a quiet location with a swimming pool and a family friendly beach on your doorstop.

There are not too many restaurants in this area and the few that exist are on the beach and are well established with a good reputation.

Eating Out at Lipa Noi Beach

Think and Retro Cafe 

This would be the closest place to eat located at the south end of the main beach which is quite quirky with bright coloured tables some being recycled out of old containers. This funky bar is a perfect lunch spot and dinner will cater for all cuisines and hosts live music twice a week.

The Five Island Restaurant

Recently moved from Ban Talignam beach the renowned Five Islands Restaurant is now nestled in between the palms at the centre of Lipa Noi beach creating a lush dining ambience with beach views from their restaurant or if referred to dine al fresco. Top notch service and worldclass food wich contemorary foodies will love. Traditional curries as well as fresh seafood including lobster, prawns and delicately Vegetarians are well catered for on the menu.

Big John's Seafood 
Located at the southern end of Lipa Noi beach this restaurant is part of the Lipa Lovely Resort in a good beachfront position with a covered area and a perfect spot to enjoy the sunsets. The restaurant specialises in fresh seafood and has live entertainment on certain nights and is popular for a stop on an island tour.

The Siam Residence 
This resort is located at the east end of the beach close to the Nathon hospital and it's restaurant is a more upmarket place to dine on the beach, it has a good reputation with European management.

Lipa Lodge 
Approached from along driveway on the inner coastal road, before turning on to Lipa Noi beach. This peaceful resort has a restaurant slightly elevated above the beach and is a perfect place to stop of for lunch whilst touring around Koh Samui.

Nikki Beach 
This world famous beach club and restaurant is gaining popularity from holidaymakers and residents. It is now common knowledge that it is located on this normally very quiet beautiful beach on the west coast. Most popular is the Sunday brunch with a live saxophonist and an amazing selection of food. It makes for a great day out.

Nikki Beach stages special themed poolside evening events from time to time, which are well publicised and are quite an extravaganza!


Lipa Noi is a quiet and restful location and it's a great place to come and relax and rejuvenate. There aren't a large range of activities here and that is the attraction to many visitors. The beaches are beautiful and it is excellent for walking or a driving adventure through the spectacular scenery, a mix of coconut plantations, mountain and beach. 

Wat Samut Tharan

The back inner coast road to Lipa Noi actually drives through this temple's grounds, where sits the golden Wat Samut Tharan on it’s own beachfront plot of land. It's worth spending some time here to have a look around.

Dusit Dhewa Samui Cultural Centre and Fine Art of South East Asia

The centre is well worth a visit, located not far from the temple on the coast road from Nathon hospital. The centre is still in progress, but even now it is fascinating with the work of a Thai national, Khun Chart depicting all the cultures of the region through out the Thai history. He has created stone statues representing Gods, with some in the form of mythical creatures set amongst the jungle type large garden. He has filled his own house with amazing collections that will need to be explained and if available Khun Chart will provide a tour if requested. There is a small restaurant in the grounds.

Lipa Noi Beaches

Lipa Noi Beach

West - A beautiful sandy 3km long beach located to the north of a headland and is swimming almost all year round and a great jogging beach. This amazingly quiet beach experiences beautiful sunsets is lined with small resorts and an up market beach club at one end.

Tong Yang Beach

West - A white sands palm fringed beach to the south of the naval base peninsula at Lipa Noi.There is an offshore reef and swimming is limited at certain times of the year.Tong Yang beach is also home to some of our finest Koh Samui fully staffed luxury beachfront villas.

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