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Planning a Luxury Thailand Holiday

24 April 2019

A guide to helping you plan your luxury villa holiday in Thailand.

Thailand is a land filled with breathtakingly diverse landscapes and enchantingly unique culture. It’s a land where the flavours are fresh, and the spice levels are often as hot as the temperatures—and because of all this, it’s a land which receives over fifteen million visitors a year.

It’s understandable why planning a luxury holiday in Thailand is so popular. From the beach hideaways in the south to the tranquil villages in the North, Thailand is renowned for both it’s landscapes and the people who live there—often receiving both awards and accolades for the country’s hospitality. So when it comes to planning your luxury holiday, Thailand has got each element covered.

But once you’ve decided on the country you want to visit, what happens next?

With over 18 years experience in running Thailand Retreats, we know exactly what it is that makes a luxury holiday unique. From the incredible sea-views at your villa, to ensuring that your transfers are seamless, we know a thing or two about planning a luxury holiday in Thailand and today we’re going to share that with you. 

Choosing The Best Time Of Year To Visit Thailand

There’s no such thing as a bad time to visit Thailand, but depending upon your weather preferences, there is a best time to visit for your luxury holiday depending whether it be a culture visit to Bangkok and Chiang Mai or looking for a beach holiday in the southern islands of  Thailand. Generally the weather in Thailand is split into four seasons and can be categorised via the following seasons.

Cool and Dry

Taking place between the months of November and March is the 'Cool and Dry' season. Temperatures are typically within the mid to high twenties and despite the occasional sporadic shower, this season provides plenty of sunshine.

Hot and Dry

Taking place between the months of April and May is the 'Hot and Dry' season. It’s during this season that Songkran, Thailand's New Year, takes place—a water festival often welcomed for its refreshing nature during hot climes. Humidity during this time of year can be intense and temperatures tend to sit in the mid-thirties, although often feels cooler on the islands thanks to the coastal breeze.

Hot and Wet

Taking place between the months of June and August is the 'Hot and Wet' season. A season which is notorious for its heavy downpours which bring a welcome relief from the sticky humidity. The rain showers are intense but don’t worry - they don't tend to last long (around 3 hours) and the sunshine tends to return soon after!

Cool and Wet

Taking place in the months of September and October is the 'Cool and Wet' season. A season which brings the temperatures in Thailand down to a comfortable level, but is often unpredictable in terms of weather. Seas can be rough one day, and calm the next, meaning pools are often preferred over beach swims!

But even though Thailand can typically be categorised into these four seasons, you'll still see temperature variations depending upon where it is in Thailand that you're staying with the southern parts of Thailand tend to enjoy more consistently warm temperatures than the north.

The above weather patterns cover most of Thailand down to the Andaman Coast (think Phuket & Krabi).

The Gulf Coast on the other hand (think Koh Samui & Koh Phangan) has a different weather pattern particularly a shorter wet season due to the location being sheltered by mountains.

Warm and Dry - Late December - March 

Hot and Dry - April - June

Warm & Showery - July - September

Rainy Season  - November - Late December 

Planning Your Flights to Thailand and Transfers

It's an unwritten rule that your holiday begins the minute you reach the airport, and a luxury holiday should start with choosing the right flights—after all, you don't want to arrive in Thailand too jetlagged to enjoy it! 

One of the best ways to minimise the impact jetlag can have is to choose a flight based on the time it lands in Thailand. For example; if you were to catch a direct night flight from the United Kingdom, thanks to the time difference, you'd be able to get some sleep overnight and land in Thailand in the afternoon. Giving your body a chance to get used to both the temperatures and the time zone, before needing to go back to sleep.

Some of the airlines split the flight haf way in the middle east however there are stops in the neighbouring countries of Singapore and Malaysia should a shorter final leg be required.

The airport you land in will depend upon your flight, but there are a variety of airports available for you to choose from in Thailand. The country comes prepared for convenience, with airports situated in Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang), Chiang Mai, Phuket, Krabi and on the island of Koh Samui.

Once you’ve arrived in the Land of Smiles, if you're looking to experience Thailand's domestic transport systems for further travel, then there are an abundance of services which are both affordable, and efficient. Flying is the quickest and most convenient way to travel however if you have time to take in the sights whilst transferring, there's the possibility to travel by bus, train and ferry, as well as by songthaew, tuk-tuk or taxi! There's certainly no shortage of transport options available.

Once you have arrrived at your final destination, you’ll need transfers to take you to your accommodation. Something which, when you book with us here at Thailand Retreats, we can arrange for you. We have an abundance of villas which come complete with complimentary transfers, but if not this is something we can help plan for you for a small fee—ensuring that you and your luggage arrive at your villa, feeling relaxed and ready to experience your luxury holiday.


Choosing A Luxury Villa in Thailand

Accommodation is an element of a trip which can truly make or break your experience, but our property portfolio ensures you’ll never be disappointed with your accommodation. Featuring villas in Thailand’s top locations, we ensure you have plenty of options to choose from—regardless of whether you're looking to stay on the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, or on the mainlands of Krabi and Phuket.

All of the villas available through our website come furnished to the highest spec, with the amenities available varying per villa, ensuring that we find a luxury villa that’s truly suited to your individual requirements.

For example, large groups may particularly enjoy the spacious open-plan living areas of Villa Samira in Phuket, thanks to its 24-hour security, games room (complete with pool table!) and spa and nanny services which are available upon request.

Or the gloriously located Villa Baan Kilee in Koh Samui, which is perfect for family holidays. Complete with a pool bar, private chef, children’s pool and 30m of sandy beach, situated directly in front of the villa’s infinity pool so that families can truly enjoy their time together without having to venture too far.

After all, a luxury holiday should be about spending time away in an environment where you can truly relax, and planning that trip should be just as exciting! So, if you'd like some assistance with getting the most out of your luxury holiday in Thailand, get in contact and let's start planning!

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